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Every year, the United States is wasting approximately 40% of the food we produce. Meanwhile 42 million Americans are “food insecure”—lacking reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. This just isn’t right! If our country recovered just 30% of what we’re wasting and provide it to people in need, domestic hunger would be eliminated!  

If feeding those in need isn’t enough of a reason to keep this food from ending up in the landfill, there’s a lot more at stake—money, water, fertilizer, crop land… the list goes on! Here are a few annual stats to put this country’s rampant waste in perspective: $218 billion or 1.3% GDP, 52 million tons landfill (21% of the landfill waste stream), 21% of fresh water usage (11 trillion gallons), 19% of fertilizer usage, 18% of all crop land and over 20% of Greenhouse Gas emissions 

It is time for us to come together to solve this crisis.

Food Waste Awareness


Food Waste recycling

Customer Review

“It was an absolute Joy to work with O2I!”              Imperfect Produce  

Dylan Bondy, Board Member, O2I

"Excited for this program to make a huge impact—fighting waste & feeding people! This is just the beginning!”

Student, Alpha School

" We like the fruits and veggies given in the Farm2School Program and enjoyed volunteering for Outside2Inside.”

Student Parent

"We understand Food Waste is a big problem and O2I is doing a good job in reducing Food Waste.”

Susie, FEED, UC Berkley

"UC-Berkeley FEED organization's collaboration with Outside2Inside was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience."