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Event Request Form

Event Manager of the organization should complete this form to request permission from O2I Board to conduct an Event at O2I Office (or) with O2I.

If you have answered "Yes" to taking pictures or record videos, make sure you have a written consent from each of the attendees to the event to have their photo taken or video recorded. Submit a copy of the consent form to O2I.
O2I allows only Vegan or Vegetarian food inside the O2I Office.
No meat or eggs allowed.
Also, no Alcohol is permited at any time inside O2I office.
Event Item List Availability
Check the items needed for the event from the following. This details will be used to understand your requirements and to inform whether we can provide or not.
Guidelines to be followed during Office Visit / Event:
1. At this time, we would like to limit the number of people visiting the Outside2Inside Office to a maximum of 10 or less to practice effective social distancing.
2. Each participant / visitor to O2I office should have completed the COVID-19 screening questionnaire (https://outside2inside.com/covid19/) prior to visiting the O2I office, else they will not be allowed to enter the O2I office.
3. Each participant / visitor should wear a Mask & if possible gloves for both hands. Kindly bring them with you, otherwise you will not be allowed inside the Office.
4. Mask to be worn at all times during the Outside2Inside Office visit/event.
5. Kindly trash your used mask and gloves in the appropriately marked trash cans meant for them during your visit.
6. Each person should maintain 6 Ft distance from another person at any time during the visit/event.
7. The O2I office to be cleaned, trash removed after completion of the event.
8. In no event shall O2I be liable for any damage to the Premises or for any loss, expense/liability, damage or injury to any property/person in O2I office during the event.
9.The Event Manager & its representing organization will be fully responsible to cover for any damage to the Premises or for any loss, expense/liability, damage or injury to any property/person in O2I office during their event.
10. No external or other organization banners or advertisements are allowed in O2I Office.
11. No last minute requests will be entertained. All requests and needs to be submitted via this form atleast 1 month before the event, so that O2I board has sufficient time to review and respond.
12. No changes other than what was agreed to can be made without getting permission from O2I Board.
By signing this O2I event request form electronically, you are agreeing that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature.

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“On the day of an event, a good event manager is always the first to arrive and last to leave.”