Farm2School Event @ Ponderosa Elementary School

About 40% of food that is produced is wasted in US. Meanwhile 40 million people don’t have access to quality food. Today’s kids are the citizens of tomorrow and having them aware of these issues is essential in creating a better future for them.

The goal of the event was to create awareness about food waste among the kids of Ponderosa Elementary School and to involve them as change-agents in reducing food waste through the Farm2school program. 

The Farm2School – Wonky Produce Farmer’s Market program is our small step in reducing food waste. We setup low cost Wonky Produce Farmer’s Market at Ponderosa Elementary School by recovering the “cosmetically-challenged” fruit & veggies—food that is perfectly good, but not aesthetically suitable for retail. Through the Wonky Produce Farmer’s market, we reduce food waste and improve food access. We engage with the students in equipping them with the knowledge & supplies for the Farmer’s market; enabling them to be advocates of food waste reduction and run the farmer’s market.

We achieved the goal and the event was a great success. You can read more about the event in this blog.

804 Ponderosa Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA - 94086

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Farm2School Event @ Ponderosa Elementary School

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