Food Waste Reduction Campaign

Food Waste Reduction Campaign

Outside2Inside (O2I) is a non-profit organization focused on reducing food waste by prevention, recovery and recycle through various creative programs. We prevent the food waste through awareness programs, bringing food waste realization among the community, corporates, youth and kids. 

Wasted food makes up the largest percentage of any one material sent to landfills and incinerators each year in the United States. Wasted food is not just food that may go bad before you’ve had a chance to eat it. It includes food that perished en route to the supermarket, food preparation scraps and wholesome food such as excess bakery and produce items that can be donated. Wasted food is a problem because it impacts the economy, our society and the environment. The solution to this problem is reducing the amount of wasted food generated. The food industry, including grocery stores, restaurants, and cafeterias have the opportunity to be major contributors to the solution while reducing costs at the same time. 

Food Waste Assessment

The first step towards reducing wasted food is to perform a food waste assessment. A food waste assessment will identify what is actually being thrown away. By getting to know what you throw away, you can cut down on disposal costs, reduce over purchasing and labor costs, reduce water and energy use associated with food production, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the end of the assessment, you can easily discover the amount of food that can be diverted for donation or composting. You will also have insights into why the food was being thrown away in the first place. 


What is the true cost of Food you Waste?

Calculate your impact on the environment and how much money you could save.

Step:1 Enter the Produce Wasted in the Produce Recovered cell below.

Step:2 See the Carbon Emissions prevented and Water saved because of the Produce Recovery.

Step:3 Continue to recover more produce and track your savings.

How does the Calculator work?

This calculator was created by Outside2Inside as an interactive tool to give an indication of how much produce (vegetables & fruits) goes to waste.

The carbon emission & water wasted calculations were estimated at time of publishing using US standard fruit & veg packaging weights and sizes. The carbon emission comparisons are based on averages to give you an idea of the eco-footprint of the fruit & veg you throw away. A carbon footprint is measured in tonnes of carbon footprint equivalent (t/CO2e). All data is from published US Government agency sources.

We are all guilty of throwing away uneaten fruit & veg and we hope this calculator provides a little more insight into how many precious resources go into providing the food we eat – and waste.

The information you provide while using this calculator is purely for research purposes – it will not be sold to any third party organizations.


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