Keana Werlen

Keana is a first-year student at UC Berkeley studying Nutritional Sciences. She is passionate about volunteering and has experience as a hospital volunteer at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, a cook at the Ronald McDonald House for families with hospitalized children, and an event coordinator at numerous community fairs. In high school, she founded and led the Children’s Hospital Care club with a goal to support pediatric patients at local hospitals by making them DIY crafts created by students. She was also an intern at the Sourland Conservancy, where she took part in environmental conservation efforts and spearheaded a foraging forest cookbook project that featured recipes using edible native plants grown in the foraging forest restoration project at a community park. Her work experience includes a barista at a boba cafe and a student service assistant at the UC Berkeley Department of Psychology. Currently, she is a member of FEED at UC Berkeley, a food justice consulting club, as well as many other food-related organizations. She is excited to join yet another food organization as an O2I volunteer and is looking forward to promoting sustainability and developing a suburban community garden.

Annie Liu

Annie is a student at UC Berkeley, double majoring in Conservation and Resource Studies and Ecosystems Management. She is passionate about sustainable agriculture and food systems, and has experience in managing a small farm space, environmental education, and curriculum development. In the future, she hopes to work with non-profits and community-oriented organizations.

Arianna Hee

Arianna is a second year student at UC Berkeley and is currently pursuing a degree in Nutritional Sciences. She is passionate about working towards a future in which the foundation of our food system is built on environmental sustainability and predictable accessibility. In addition to being a member of FEED (Food, Equity, Entrepreneurship, & Development) at UC Berkeley, she volunteers at a student-run grocery store called the Food Collective. She also volunteers for The Suitcase Clinic, which is a humanitarian organization that takes a holistic approach to caring for the overall well-being of the homeless community. She sang with the San Francisco Girls Chorus for 7 years and is currently singing with the UC Berkeley Chamber Chorus. She is very excited to work with the Outside2Inside team this semester!

Ali Almuhanna

Hello, I am Ali, an international student from Saudi Arabia studying chemical engineering. I come from an agricultural city in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia called Hofuf. I am interested in food and water systems and would love to apply what I learn in engineering to improve food systems. Besides food systems, I am passionate about energy, specifically large-scale energy systems from renewables to fossil fuels and how we can balance our energy portfolio and minimize environmental. I have done research in chemistry to optimize a device that uses materials called Metal-Organic frameworks to harvest water from the humidity of the air solely using solar power.
I love to meet people from different backgrounds and have conversations with them to gain new insights and expand my horizon. A lot of my time is spent on Wikipedia and other websites reading articles ranging from technology to history to politics. I try to follow world politics because without knowing what is happening around me I cannot know where I stand. I look forward working with O2I and be part of an organization that makes a positive impact on people’s lives!

Wynnie Chan

Wynnie is a first year student at UC Berkeley and a FEED (Food, Equity, Entrepreneurship, & Development) associate consultant. An undeclared major with an interest in sociology, cognitive science, and environmental science, she is passionate about the Ugly Food Movement and environmental sustainability. She was an active volunteer and member of her community; besides being a member of volunteer clubs such as Key Club and Tri-M Music Honor Society, she worked as a Science Olympiad assistant coach for 3 years and tutored elementary and middle schoolers in music. She also served as president of her high school orchestra. She is looking forward to expanding her passion for environmental science and putting it into practice alongside the O2I team.

Annie Li

Annie is a first year student at UC Berkeley and an associate consultant with FEED (Food, Equity, Entrepreneurship, & Development). She is currently studying Nutrition Sciences with an emphasis in Dietetics. Originally from Southern California, Annie was an active teaching volunteer at the Orange County Discovery Cube Science Center in Santa Ana, California. There, she led nutrition classes including Healthy Kitchen where children and families learned how to cook tasty and nutritious meals by using healthy non-processed ingredients. After graduation, Annie hopes to find a career in which she can employ her passions and skills in food and business to make an impact on the community. During her free time, Annie loves to bake and travel to new places. She is looking forward to working with the rest of the team at Outside2Inside this semester.

Jade Wong

Jade is currently a third year student at UC Berkeley who is studying economics and minoring in food systems. She is originally from Southern California and grew up as an active volunteer and member of her community. She is very passionate about social justice, particularly regarding food insecurity and food waste and recovery. Jade is also involved as a Food Pantry volunteer, Orientation Leader, the Cal Alumni Organization, and Just for Kidz. Upon graduation, Jade hopes to find a career in which she can use her skills to make lasting, impactful change at the intersection of her interests in business and food. She is looking forward to working with O2I this semester as a consultant with FEED, a UC Berkeley student consulting group.

Emily Su

Emily is currently a student at UC Berkeley, intending to study Economics and History. She discovered her passion for food equity after leading a tutoring program for elementary students lacking access to a stable food source. On campus, Emily is involved in FEED (Food, Equity, Entrepreneurship, & Development), Residence Hall Assembly, and Cal Table Tennis. She loves reading classic Russian literature in her free time and is excited to work with the rest of the team at Outside2Inside.

Irisa Zhang

Irisa is a third year studying Nutritional Science with an emphasis in Physiology and Metabolism at UC Berkeley. She is involved with multiple volunteer organizations on campus, including medical mobile clinics in Peru and raising awareness about HBV to the greater Asian American population around the Bay Area. She also does research in a nutritional science lab examining the impacts of a high cholesterol diet on various lipoproteins. She loves to travel and go hiking in her spare time. She is excited to working with O2I organization and meeting lots of new people.

Haley Pietro

Haley is currently a sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley. She is hoping to study business or society and environment and is passionate about environmental issues within the food system. This past summer, Haley worked at the salad chain Sweetgreen, which has a mission that supports local and sustainable business. Haley is currently a volunteer at the Berkeley Food Collective and is a member of its marketing committee. She is also an associate consultant for FEED (Food, Equity, Entrepreneurship, and Development) working on a project with Outside2Inside. Her goal for this year is to practice more yoga and learn to play the guitar!