Let's Prevent Food Waste!

Three ways of Preventing Food Waste

All locks need keys to unlock them, and the invisible locks of tradition often need more than one key to open. As a nation, we have been locked into traditional ways of dealing with food; we sell the pretty produce and discard the ugly produce. We are locked into a mind-set that tells us the misshapen apple, potato or tomato somehow doesn’t taste as good as its’ good-looking counterpart. The looks may leave something to be desired, but the flavor remains the same. We also think it is okay to waste food by discarding dinner remains, leaving extra food on the restaurant table, instead of recycling them. That ugly piece of produce and discarded extra food are going to end up in a landfill adding to the methane gas problem while someone goes to bed hungry tonight. We must unlock this mind-set that it is okay to waste food. Outside2Inside (O2I) plan to raise awareness and mindfulness of this food waste issue through 3 awareness programs:

  1. Self awareness
  2. Community/Corporate awareness
  3. Kids/Youth awareness

Self-awareness is the first key needed to start unlocking age-old traditional mind-sets. By going through the process of looking within we can begin to understand our-self better and see outwardly from a clearer perspective. Self-awareness will enable us to find solutions to everyday, including food waste. Use these tools to help unlock your self-awareness and start a journey within…….

The second key to unlocking the way we see this problem is to provide a local vision for reducing food waste. We will raise public awareness and understanding about the impact of food waste through education. By providing answers regarding how food waste impacts our health, environment and what we can do to provide more sustainable food sources, we will raise community……

Outside2Inside brings food waste awareness in kids through a Kids Food Waste Awareness class. This program brings awareness about Food Waste and its reduction by Prevention, Recovering and Recycling. Our captivating hands-on class projects are designed to nourish their practical thinking ability. They will learn to do flower and fruit arrangements, painting with vegetables,……

O2I Food Waste Prevention Programs

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Self Awareness Program

Self awareness is a program through which Outside2Inside to educate the people about the need for calming the mind to make good decisions. This program helps people understand that it all starts in the mind and by having the right intentions & attitude we can help help understand oneself better (self aware) and help prevent habits like the ones that  cause food wasting habits.

Corporate Awareness Program

Corporate Awareness is a program that will host informative presentations in corporate offices educating them about the need to audit their employees, cafeterias for food waste habits as well as track company’s current food waste in order to increase food waste awareness. This program will help company set targets to reduce food waste and ways to achieve them successfully.

Kids Awareness

Kids or youth awareness program is to bring awareness about Food Waste through  captivating hands-on class projects which are designed to nourish kids or youth’s practical thinking ability. They will learn to do flower and fruit arrangements, painting with vegetables, and many more creative projects in this fun filled class. Our classes are fun and absolutely no experience is necessary!

Positive Impact of Food Waste Prevention

FINANCIAL Enables you to cut down food costs, reduce disposal costs and save on labor.

ENVIRONMENTAL Helps you run a greener operation by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

SOCIAL Creates a positive team culture with open communication, awareness and empowerment.

    • Reduce the amount of food going to waste.
    • Save money on food purchases.
    • Save on labor by not preparing items that are wasted.
    • Save on waste disposal costs, because you’re throwing away less.
    • Protect the environment from the harmful effects of food waste, which produces methane gas.

Cutting food waste is a delicious way of saving money, helping to feed the world and protect the planet!