Three ways of Preventing Food Waste

All locks need keys to unlock them, and the invisible locks of tradition often need more than one key to open. As a nation, we have been locked into traditional ways of dealing with food; we sell the pretty produce and discard the ugly produce. We are locked into a mind-set that tells us the misshapen apple, potato or tomato somehow doesn’t taste as good as its’ good-looking counterpart. The looks may leave something to be desired, but the flavor remains the same. We also think it is okay to waste food by discarding dinner remains, leaving extra food on the restaurant table, instead of recycling them. That ugly piece of produce and discarded extra food are going to end up in a landfill adding to the methane gas problem while someone goes to bed hungry tonight. We must unlock this mind-set that it is okay to waste food. Outside2Inside (O2I) plan to raise awareness and mindfulness of this food waste issue through 3 awareness programs:

  1. Self awareness
  2. Community/Corporate awareness
  3. Kids/Youth awareness

O2I Food Waste Prevention Programs


Self-awareness is the first key needed to start unlocking age-old traditional mind-sets. By going through the process of looking within we can begin to understand our-self better and see outwardly from a clearer perspective.

Self-awareness will enable us to find solutions to everyday, including food waste. Use these tools to help unlock your self-awareness and start a journey within:

Breathing – Conscious deep breathing will enable you to focus on the task at hand, remain calm and reduce stress. When the mind and body is calm, you can think more clearly to find a solution to the problem you’re facing. The MIT Medical team promotes deep breathing as part of their ‘Be Well’ program because studies have shown deep breathing reduces stress levels.

Meditation – Meditation helps you find your true self, restores mindfulness, confidence, vitality and energy. A recent Harvard study showed that an eight-week meditation training course improves brain function associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress. Mindful meditation has also been shown in an Harvard study to reduce physical pain and enable us to shut out the useless noise going around us so we can focus better. Meditation is good for all age groups, including kids. We recommend a special Nature Visualization meditation for kids.

Grounding – The definition of the word ‘grounded’ refers to someone who is mentally & emotionally stable and well-balanced. When negative thoughts and emotions are released through grounding, we let go of stressful worries and are better equipped to deal with day-to-day situations that arise in life. With all the worries and concerns released from our self, it brings clarity to us.

The ancient techniques of deep breathing and meditation have been validated by modern scientists for usefulness in the journey to self-awareness and mindfulness.

Community/Corporate Awareness

The second key to unlocking the way we see this problem is to provide a local vision for reducing food waste. We will raise public awareness and understanding about the impact of food waste through education. By providing answers regarding how food waste impacts our health, environment and what we can do to provide more sustainable food sources, we will raise community and personal awareness to the problem of food waste. 

We plan promotional videos, articles and practical tips to reduce food waste in our Outside2Inside website and various social media venues. We setup stalls on Earth Day Event in the local community park and gathering and rise awareness about food waste prevention. In 2019 we set up a Outside2Inside booth in Santa Clara central park sharing Outside2Inside ideas to prevent food waste.

In our efforts to promote food waste awareness in local bay area corporations, we are planning for corporate awareness program. Corporate Awareness is a program that will host informative presentations in corporate offices as well as track company food waste in order to increase food waste awareness. We also setup  stalls at local corporates like Advantest and LAM research to bring awareness about food waste to its employees.  

In the future, we are planning a detailed Corporate food waste awareness program called “Corporate Consciousness” which aims to bring food waste awareness to corporate offices, motivating companies to take meaningful action towards more sustainable and efficient business practices. The initial stage of this program tracks an individual company’s cumulative food waste over a one week period. After a thorough analysis of the company’s food waste and business practices, the tracking period is followed by a personalized presentation inside the corporate office that outlines the problems surrounding food waste and sheds light on potential areas of improvement for the corporation. Finally, the program hopes to provide a platform for meaningful discussion and brainstorming in order to encourage companies to develop effective strategies for reducing food waste.

Kids/Youth Awareness

Bringing awareness in kids through a Kids Food Waste Awareness class. This program is to bring awareness about Food Waste and its reduction by Prevention, Recovering and Recycling. Our captivating hands-on class projects are designed to nourish their practical thinking ability. They will learn to do flower and fruit arrangements, painting with vegetables, recycling milk cartons and many more creative projects in this fun filled class. Our classes are fun and absolutely no experience is necessary! All proceeds go to Outside2Inside (O2I) organization.