Dylan J. Bondy

Dylan J. Bondy is Head of Outreach at Imperfect, America’s leading consumer brand for “cosmetically-challenged” fruits and vegetables. Imperfect is on a mission to find a home for the 6 billion pounds per year of produce that is currently wasted because of aesthetic non-conformity that doesn’t affect taste or quality.

Previously, Dylan founded Food Recovery Network at Grinnell College in 2013 while he was a student at the small Iowa liberal arts school. Under Dylan’s leadership, FRN at Grinnell became the first rural chapter of the national student non-profit. By connecting the college dining hall, local restaurants, and grocery stores to local outlets for distribution throughout the community, Dylan created a sustainable program that continues to feed over 300 people a week in the small town of Grinnell, Iowa. Dylan has spoken at food recovery conferences around the country about Innovative Solutions to Rural Hunger & is also an alumnus of City Year Los Angeles—an AmeriCorps program.