Nidhi Soni

I am Nidhi and I am an MBA and a certified PMP. I started my career as a computer Engineer, made my way to one of my memorable roles as a Principal and then pursued my career in finance industry. Currently I am working as a Banker. I love to sing, dance and to write as in song writing, to hike, to explore new places, to socialize and to watch comedy movies. I have worked in music industry and I am actively pursuing music as a side career as well. I had been a spokesperson in past. As a principal I had an opportunity to bring smiles to 500-700 students (talking about the strength of my school) by helping them in creative ways to achieve their academic and non-academic goals and worked with up to 40 amazing team members (talking about teaching and non-teaching staff). I have worked with kids of all age groups and it’s amazing how much I got to learn from them and now.