Samantha Tan

Samantha Tan is a 17-year-old Junior at Homestead High School. She lives in Sunnyvale with her parents and fraternal twin sister, Sydney. Samantha’s family is also passionate about composting fruits and vegetables and uses methods such as worm composting to promote cleaner eating. On her free time, Samantha enjoys playing piano, watching movies, and TV shows with her family, and playing games. Samantha has experience volunteering at a farm to harvesting fruits and vegetables for the community, working with her neighborhood watch program to sell and spread awareness of their organization, and is an involved student. She attends clubs such as the Homestead Red Cross, Cancer Society, and Future Physicians Clubs. She is very excited to be joining the Outside2Inside family and is motivated to start her work as a volunteer headhunter and teacher’s assistant for the After School Kids Program. Samantha is very excited to meet you all and contribute as much as she can, to minimize food waste and spread as much awareness as possible!