Tejaswi Chiguluri

I am Tejaswi and graduated with Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. After my Bachelors, I started my career in Human Resources and recruiting and worked for 3 years in India and moved to USA. I have always been passionate about working with people and also pursued Certification Program in Human Resource Management at University of Washington, Seattle to further strengthen my skill set in Human Resources. Later me and my husband moved to San Jose, California for good. I am passionate about helping people and been volunteering since past 5 years till date. I am volunteer/member to various organizations in India (Desire Society, Aakanksha foundation, Pratyusha Organization).

I do yoga, art work, craft work, DIY with reusable and waste items, Photography, write stories, blogger, Interior designing and love to serve people. I received more awards and rewards for my skills. I personally have seen many poor who starve for food so I know the importance and value of food. I believe in KARMA and interestingly, I found Outside2Inside and was excited to be a part and bring awareness to people and meet people.