Sustainable Urban Village Research

What is Sustainable Urban Village (SUV)?

Outside2Inside’s ultimate goal is to create a Sustainable Urban Village or SUV, in each city, where we combine the principles of Prevention, Recovery and Recycle of Food Waste. What we mean by that  is, create a model for Sustainable Food Waste Reduction in each city by creating an Awareness Center, Sustainable Farm, Farmers Market, Compost Center and an Animal Farm all in one place. This beautiful system will serve as a model of Sustainability in Action for each city. This is our dream and we are open to working with appropriate partners to make this dream a reality.

Awareness Center

Awareness Center is to serve the activities of the 1st pillar of Outside2Inside, Prevention. All Programs like Self Awareness, Community Awareness, Corporate Awareness and Kids or Youth Awareness will be created and promoted.

Sustainable Farm

Sustainable Farm will use the latest and greatest technologies that’s available to create fresh, organic, pesticide free, regular/ wonky produce naturally. The goal is to look at wonky produce in the same way as the perfectly shaped produce and embrace them.

Produce Options for SUV Sustainable Farm






Edible Stages of Broccoli

Produce Storage Methods

Produce Cooling & Storage Chart

Finance, Legal, Equipment, HR, Space & Farmland Requirements

General Requirements

HR Requirements

Space Requirements

Farmland Requirements

Animal Farm

Animal Farm will have a small farm of animals like Cows, Chickens, Goats, Sheep, Pigs etc. and goal is to feed them with both good and wasted produce from the Sustainable farms. This is our model to show how the wasted produce could be recycled naturally through “Animal Feed”.

Animal Options for SUV Animal Farm




Goats Selection & Care



Chicken Feed Timeline

Milk Pasteurization & Filtering

Animal Offspring Statistics

General, HR, Compatibility Animal Farm Requirements

Animal Farm Requirements

General Requirements

General Requirements

HR Requirements

Animal Compatibility/Feasibility

Farm Table

Farm Table is to serve the activities of the 2nd pillar of Outside2Inside, Recovery.  Through this Farm Table, a Farmer’s Market will be created with both regular/wonky produce and will be open for the people in the neighborhood on a regular basis.

Compost Center

Compost Center is to serve the activities of the 3rd pillar of Outside2Inside, Recycle. All Programs like Compost4You will be created and promoted here. The basic idea will be to collect any food waste from the farm and convert into a compost which can be used back in the O2I Farm and any excess may be shared  with the neighborhood or other farms.

Compost Methods

Preferred Method

Compost Selling Vs. Buying

Compost Regulations & Biogas

Projected 1, 2 and 5 Year Plans for SUV

1st Year Plan - Phase 1,2

1st Year Plan - Phase 3,4

2nd Year Plan

5 Year Plan

SUV Calculators

Produce Land Needs Calculator

This excel calculator calculates the Land area needed for a Produce Farm and its cost. Note: Land price ratio is from Bay Area rural/urban average land prices.

Produce Water Needs Calculator

This excel calculator calculates the water volume needed per week for a variety of plants.

Produce Fertilizer Needs Calculator

This excel calculator calculates the average fertilizer needs of a Produce Farm.

Produce Lifespan, Land area, Water, Fertilizer Overall Calculator​

Animal Lifespan, Food, Water, Land, Animal Cost Overall Calculator​

SUV Consultants

Outside2Inside will be your Sustainable Urban Village (SUV) Consultants, helping create a beautiful community garden amidst the urban cities. We meticulously follow the steps below to find the right space, to create a healthy and sustainable urban garden in your community. We as SUV Consultants, bring people and different organizations together to learn which issues are important to the community where we are building the garden to discuss how a urban community garden – whether a community space or individual plots – could serve the needs of the community. We hold regular meetings to collaborate on ideas and goals to help  develop a plan of action and to get people energized and organized. 

Identify the Need

As SUV Consultants we work with you to understand what type of urban community garden one wants to plant? Depending on the type of garden, one can increase access to fresh, healthy food in the area.

Be Eco Friendly

Before gardening on the site, we research its history and past uses. We do this by taking samples of the soil and have them analyzed to find out the soil type and quality. We consult the state environmental agency, local health department or  county’s cooperative extension office to determine the quality of the soil, as it has an effect on the design of the urban community garden.

Fit your Need

Knowing that every urban community garden is different, we design the garden to fit the needs of the community. We consider factors such as: age-appropriate design, accessibility, protection from animals or vandalism, storage of tools and plenty of room for all the community gardeners.

How we make Urban Community Gardens Sustainable?

Creative Ideas

Growing easy-going Crops

Come let's join together to make Sustainable Urban Village (SUV) a reality!