Volunteer Performance Evaluation

Evaluating Volunteer Performance & Contribution

Purpose of Evaluating Volunteer Performance & Contributions :
1. Evaluation is the ongoing process of determining if individual and organizational goals are being met.
2.Performance evaluations for volunteers provide a tool for evaluating how well a volunteer is performing on the job.
3. Providing feedback to volunteers can potentially maximize the benefits of volunteer performance and help them remain motivated to serve the organization.
4. Performance evaluations can bolster accountability for a volunteer and serve as an opportunity to provide effective and more precise feedback than a volunteer might receive from their manager on a regular basis.
5. Finally O2I sees performance evaluations as an effective motivational and behavioral feedback tool.
Probation period:
The volunteer will have a probation period of two months. At the end of the second month, the volunteer’s performance will be reviewed by the O2I Board against the expectations for the position. Based on the assessment of the volunteer’s performance, the O2I Board will decide if the volunteer would be a good fit for the organization.
Section 1: Weekly Task Completion:
Section 2: General Evaluation:
Section 3: Skills Evaluation:
5. Rate the Volunteer in the following areas:
Section 4: Assessment: