Kids Food Waste Awareness Program

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About 40% of food is wasted each year and it ends up in landfill polluting the environment. To prevent this Self-awareness is needed. Flower and fruit arrangement is a beautiful art and a way of expressing one’s inner self. There is an emerging body of research that indicates mindfulness can help children with emotional regulation and cognitive focus. Mindfulness, defined simply, means “paying attention.” Activities like flower and fruit arrangement can help children develop logical thought. Richard Louv in his book “Last child in the woods” highlights how our current generation kids are removed from nature even though nature provides benefits. Connecting with nature will help them be in the present moment. Recycling is important to both the nature and us.


  • Increases focus and improves academic efficiency
  • Blossoms creativity
  • Relieves stress
  • Quietens the mind and brings peace
  • Improves awareness and positive attitude
  • Develops patience and tolerance
  • Appreciation of things around us, however small they are
  • Brings harmony

Course Description:

Kids will learn to do different projects each week like flower and fruit arrangement, composting, painting with vegetables, create a bird house with recycled materials among others. Kids get to take home their completed projects. At the end of the course kids will leave with the healthy way to reduce food waste and artful way of recycling.

  • Duration – 4 week class / 8 week class (1 class per week)
  • Instructor – Priya Athi

Course Details:

Week 1: Nature Visualization – 1

Kids will learn breathing technique, conscious flower arrangement and visualization technique. They will get to take home the completed flower arrangement along with a guide on how to do the flower arrangement.

Week 2: Food Art

Kids will not only have fun creating art with fruits and vegetables but will also get to learn about ways to prevent food waste.

Week 3: Composting Jar Activity

Kids will learn the importance of composting and get to do a jar activity on composting.

Week 4: Farm2School (F2S) or Bird Feeder using Recycled Material

F2S: Kids get to showcase to their parents what they learnt about food waste by bringing the Farm to School. They would educate their family on wonky fruits & vegetables and they get to take home free produce. Through this class kids and their family learn to support local farmers and help to reduce the amount of food waste that ends up at landfills.

Bird Feeder: Kids will have fun making a bird feeder out of recycled materials. Their creativity is brought out by decorating the bird feeder. They get to take home the Bird feeder and enjoy feeding the birds.

Week 5: Nature Visualization – 2

Kids love towards nature will be triggered through the flower arrangement similar to Flower arrangement – 1 using different flowers.

Week 6: Fruit arrangement

Kids are engaged to make a colorful bouquet of fruit arrangement to have a pleasing visual experience and satisfy their tummy.

Week 7: Painting with Vegetables and Creating a Nature Book

Kids will do painting with vegetables and create a Nature book. They will also be taught the importance of Nature and creative ways to enjoy the Nature around. They will have fun using the Nature book.

Week 8: Planting flowers using recycled material

Kids are encouraged to create their own personal garden using recycled materials which they get to take home as well.


“I felt peaceful and calm after the class, I like the flower arrangement part very much”

 –Anish (2nd grade student)

“It was a lot of fun learning about where to place the stems and the flowers. I liked to see the beautiful flowers. It made me calm. I will do one more arrangement soon!”

Arjun (2nd grade student)

“The class encourages kids to be creative. It is a therapeutic experience where kids learn to calm down and pay attention to flowers, their shapes and colors. It helps kids too appreciate nature and in doing so creates positive energy. In the end, each child produces a piece of art that reflects their personality.”

 – Aparna (Mom and Home maker)

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