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Kids / Youth Awareness

Food contains the essential nutrients that we need to grow strong, healthy, and happy. Food waste affects the society and the family. reports show that an average family waste about $1,500 worth of food every year, money that could be resting in your account to do so many nice things.Every nation, state, and regions have their own food security challenges, and it is very important to make kids and parents realize why waste has to be discouraged. Educating kids about all nutritional value derived from farm produce will make them better appreciate them. Unlike packaged food, kids will have a firsthand experience with fruits, vegetables, and other items brought in by the farming community. 

Outside2Inside brings food waste awareness in kids through a Kids Food Waste Awareness class. This program brings awareness about Food Waste and its reduction by Prevention, Recovering and Recycling. Our captivating hands-on class projects are designed to nourish their practical thinking ability. They will learn to do flower and fruit arrangements, painting with vegetables, recycling milk cartons and many more creative projects in this fun filled class. Our classes are fun and absolutely no experience is necessary! All proceeds go to Outside2Inside (O2I) organization.

Kids and parents also have to be educated that food waste recovery is a community responsibility. This is also something that is encouraged by the kids food waste awareness program, to help parents and kids know how food waste is a problem that affects the community they live in. The program is also an opportunity to build community engagement that will benefits parents, kids, school administrators, teachers, and farmers. Food waste harms the community and everyone in it. It is the responsibility of school administrators, parents, and other community leaders to find ways to help educate everyone on why they should not waste food. The kids food waste awareness program can help bring the community together and achieve great things.

“The Youth is the hope of our Future.” – Jose Rizal