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Food Waste Prevention Programs

Self Awareness Program

Self awareness is a program through which Outside2Inside educate the people about the need for calming the mind to make good decisions. This program helps people understand that it all starts in the mind and by having the right intentions & attitude we can help understand oneself better (self aware) and help prevent habits like the ones that  cause food waste. It helps one to be Mindful of Wasting Food, so free your mind and the rest will follow.

Corporate Awareness Program

Corporate Awareness is a program that will host informative presentations in corporate offices educating them about the need to audit their employees, cafeterias for food waste habits as well as track company’s current food waste in order to increase food waste awareness. This program will help each company set targets to reduce food waste and ways to achieve them successfully.

Kids Awareness

Kids or youth awareness program is to bring awareness about Food Waste through  captivating hands-on class projects which are designed to nourish kids or youth’s practical thinking ability. They will learn to do flower and fruit arrangements, painting with vegetables, and many more creative projects in this fun filled class. Our classes are fun and absolutely no experience is necessary!

Food Recovery Programs

Farm2School Program

Farm2School is a program through which Outside2Inside will be setting up farm tables at local low income schools with Wonky produce sourced from local farms, to educate the school kids about wonky produce recovery. This Farm2School program helps support local farmers, provide affordable nutritional food for school children and their families, plus reduce the amount of food waste that ends up at landfills.

Farm2Restaurant Program

Farm2Restaurant is a program through which Outside2Inside serves Wonky produce to the local bay area restaurants. Through this program we are not only recovering wonky produce but are also connecting local farmers to the local restaurants and help reduce the produce cost for the restaurant. If you are a restaurant owner interested in knowing more about Wonky produce and try it out at your restaurant, please contact us.


Farm2Work is a program that will host farmers markets at corporate offices where employees can purchase Wonky produce sourced from local farmers and learn about food waste reduction methods and programs carried out by Outside2Inside. It will be an area where employees can have the convenience of doing produce shopping right there at work and help reduce food waste at the same time by buying the Wonky produce.

Food Waste Recycle Programs

Compost4You Program

Compost4You aims to assist organizations like schools, restaurants, corporates etc. in implementing a compost program. For organizations looking to enter this realm, Compost4You provides the necessary help & actions. By performing operations such as conducting composting classes, creating compost and conducting waste audits, the program will establish & maintain sustainable composting practices in your place.

Compost in a Jar

Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow. Food scraps and yard waste together currently makeup about 30 percent of what we throw away, and should be composted instead. Hence in this class, we teach simple composting techniques using a glass jar for kids making composting easy. Come and have fun creating compost to grow your beautiful gardens!

Animal Feed Program

Do you have Food scraps and don’t know what to do with it? We work with you to collect your food scraps, convert them into Animal Feed and provide them to the local Animal Farms. We come to your facility, do food waste audits, create a program that will suit your needs, pick up your food scraps and help convert them to environmental friendly animal feed helping you and the community.

SUV Consultants

Outside2Inside will be your Sustainable Urban Village (SUV) Consultants, helping create a beautiful community garden amidst the urban cities. We meticulously follow the steps below to find the right space, to create a healthy and sustainable urban garden in your community. We as SUV Consultants, bring people and different organizations together to learn which issues are important to the community where we are building the garden to discuss how an urban community garden – whether a community space or individual plots – could serve the needs of the community. We hold regular meetings to collaborate on ideas and goals to help  develop a plan of action and to get people energized and organized. 

Identify the Need

As SUV Consultants we work with you to understand what type of urban community garden one wants to plant? Depending on the type of garden, one can increase access to fresh, healthy food in the area.

Be Eco Friendly

Before gardening on the site, we research its history and past uses. We do this by taking samples of the soil and have them analyzed to find out the soil type and quality. We consult the state environmental agency, local health department or  county’s cooperative extension office to determine the quality of the soil, as it has an effect on the design of the urban community garden.

Fit your Need

Knowing that every urban community garden is different, we design the garden to fit the needs of the community. We consider factors such as: age-appropriate design, accessibility, protection from animals or vandalism, storage of tools and plenty of room for all the community gardeners.

How we make Urban Community Gardens Sustainable?

Creative Ideas

Growing easy-going Crops

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand."