Star Volunteer

Star Volunteers

Volunteers are People with Big Heart!

Our Star Volunteers!


Outside2Inside (O2I) would like to congratulate our October 2018 “Volunteer of the Month“, Nica Goldstein. The impeccable presentation and project management style displayed by Nica and the Berkeley team was simply amazing. She was exceptional in managing the O2I- FEED Food Waste Recycling Project and successfully completing it. We thank Nica for her excellent contributions to O2I.


Outside2Inside would like to congratulate our July 2018 “Volunteer of the Month“, Akshay Gowda. His effort, proactiveness, and enthusiasm in coming up with a list of potential funders were commendable. He was also successful in coming up with amazing ideas for getting grants for O2I projects. We thank Akshay for his excellent contributions to O2I.


The Outside2Inside would like to congratulate our June 2018 “Volunteer of the Month“, Samantha Tan. After receiving constant feedback about how Samantha has excelled in her role , it was no-brainer that she won this award. We thank Samantha for her outstanding contribution and superior performance in preparing kids teaching material for Kids Food Waste Awareness Program.

Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless. ~Sherry Anderson