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  • Are you a Leader interested in Volunteering?

  • Are you passionate towards Food Waste Reduction?

  • Do you have good communication skills?

  • Do you have the willingness to commit your time & skills for the organization?

  • If you said yes to all of the above, then you might be a good match for being an O2I Board advisor….read below..

A Warm Welcome to the aspiring Board Advisors!

Steps to follow to be a new O2I Board Advisor

Step 1
Read O2I Board Advisors Introduction & Agreement Presentation shown below

Step 2
If interested in the Advisor position, Complete the O2I Board Advisor Application Form

Step 3
O2I will review the Application submitted and will get back to you if selected for the role

Step 4
If selected, complete O2I Board Advisor Contract, Acknowledgement & About Your Forms

Outside2Inside Board Advisors Introduction & Agreement

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O2I Board Advisor Application Form

Application Form

Application Form to be filled out by new Board Advisors joining Outside2Inside.

O2I Agreement Forms

Contract, Acknowledgement & About You Forms

Contract Form

Contract to be filled out by new Board Advisors joining Outside2Inside!

Acknowledgement Form

Acknowledgement Form to be filled out by new Board Advisors joining Outside2Inside!

About You Form

About You Form to be filled out by new Board Advisors joining Outside2Inside!

Useful Links for New Board Advisors

O2I Magazine Subscription


O2I Social Media Accounts, its Links and Blog Page


O2I Facebook Account Page https://www.facebook.com/Outside2Inside


O2I Instagram Account Page https://www.instagram.com/outside2inside/


O2I Twitter Account Page https://twitter.com/Out2In_123

O2I Social Media Page

Link to O2I Social Media Page in Website

O2I Blogs Page

Link to O2I Blogs Page in Website

O2I Blogs, Social Media Posts and Other Documents Submission Forms

In case, short-term volunteers are planning to write a blog (or) social media post (or) as a document/presentation, then they can use the following blog/social media posting guidelines.


Kindly read the blog writing guidelines and submit your blogs using this form.

Social Media

Kindly read the social-media posts writing guidelines & submit your posts using this form.

Doc Uploads

Use this link to Upload any documents you would like to sent to O2I Board for review.

Volunteer Survey, Testimonial and Event Feedback


Time and again we collect information about working with O2I and use that to improve us to the next level.


We appreciate an honest Testimonial about your experience working with Outside2Inside!

Event Volunteering Feedback

We collect feedback from our event volunteers about working with O2I to take volunteer experience to the next level.

Current Board & Board Advisors

Vijay Gurusamy

Founder & CEO

Vijay Gurusamy

Founder & CEO

Vijay Gurusamy is the Founder & CEO of Outside2Inside non profit organization.

Vijay always had the drive to create an awareness about food waste reduction among the public because there was so much hunger on one side and food being wasted on the other side. He strives to create a balance by starting this non profit organization Outside2Inside, spreading the knowledge about food cycle, areas where food waste can be prevented, recovered and recycled. He believes that small baby steps are needed by all to create a positive impact in the society.

Sanjai Athi

CFO & Director of Programs Execution

Sanjai Athi

CFO & Director of Programs Execution

Sanjai Athi is the CFO at Outside2Inside. Sanjai has the overall strategic and operational responsibility for the Nonprofit’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission.

Sanjai works as a senior manager and lives with twin daughters in California. He also enjoys playing with kids. Sanjai likes to draw and is exceptionally good in playing guitar.

Dylan J. Bondy

Food Waste Recovery Expert

Dylan J. Bondy

Food Waste Recovery Expert

Dylan J. Bondy is Head of Outreach at Imperfect, America’s leading consumer brand for “cosmetically-challenged” fruits and vegetables. Imperfect is on a mission to find a home for the 6 billion pounds per year of produce that is currently wasted because of aesthetic non-conformity that doesn’t affect taste or quality.

Previously, Dylan founded Food Recovery Network at Grinnell College in 2013 while he was a student at the small Iowa liberal arts school. Under Dylan’s leadership, FRN at Grinnell became the first rural chapter of the national student non-profit. By connecting the college dining hall, local restaurants, and grocery stores to local outlets for distribution throughout the

George Boyd

Meditation Expert

George Boyd

Meditation Expert

George A. Boyd is a meditation teacher, counselor, poet, and author. George has studied and practiced meditation since 1965. He is a master meditation teacher and an innovator in the field of meditation. He developed a system of Integral meditation in 1983 that he has taught to groups and individuals since that time. He is the founder of the Mudrashram® Institute of Spiritual Studies and the editor and publisher of Mudrashram® Publishing.

George holds a BA in Psychology from UCLA, an MA in Clinical Psychology from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and an Alcohol Drug Counseling Certificate

Sriram Natarajan

CCO & Director of Food Waste Recovery & Recycle Programs

Sriram Natarajan

CCO & Director of Food Waste Recovery & Recycle Programs

Sriram Natarajan had an inquisitiveness to serve the community and loves to spend time with Nature. He is the Director of Food Recovery and Recycle at Outside2Inside. He successfully led the Farm2School program where we recover the so called “wonky” but nutritious produce from the farms and take it to the schools. Hence bringing awareness about food waste reduction, recovering wonky produce and bridging the gap between farms and consumers.  He hopes to lead more such programs successfully in Food Recovery and Recycling.
Sriram Natarajan works as a Hardware Engineer in California, USA by profession, was born

Kaveh Mirshafiei

Legal Expert

Kaveh Mirshafiei

Legal Expert

Kaveh Mirshafiei is a licensed attorney admitted to practice in the State of California. He received the Juris Doctor degree with a Certificate in Business Law from Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, in 2012, where he served as an editor of Lewis and Clark Environmental Law Review. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree, with honors, from the University of California, at Los Angeles.

While attending Lewis & Clark Law School, Kaveh interned with Lewis & Clark Small Business Legal Clinic, where he assisted small businesses in the Portland metropolitan area with various business

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