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  • Are you interested in short-duration Volunteering for Events?

  • Are you passionate towards Food Waste Reduction?

  • Are you located in one of these SF Bayarea cities: Santa Clara, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Cupertino or Gilroy

  • If you said yes to all of the above, then you might find volunteering opportunities with Outside2Inside….read below..

Event Volunteering @ O2I

O2I  Event Volunteers are those who volunteer for O2I mainly for a specific event(s) on a short-term  duration of few weeks to a month.

  1. The main responsibility of the Event Volunteer is to help O2I successfully conduct the event and spread awareness about food waste.
  2. Completing the required volunteer forms, Pre-event checklist, Post-event checklist and providing any feedback they have on the volunteering.
  3. Share their experience of the event in social media or through email.
  • Share your experience of webinar and food waste reduction in general.
  • Practice one learning from the event and share it with us.
  • You could write a blog about what you learnt from the event and we can post that on our website.
  • If you are an artist, you can create food waste awareness through various forms of arts like painting, graphical images etc.
  • If you have different ideas of bringing food waste awareness and if your idea is innovative, we will promote that idea.
  • If you are interested, you could lead in promoting that idea by volunteering with O2I.

Steps to follow for applying for O2I Event Volunteer Position

Step 1
Review the future O2I Events shown below and pick an event that matches your interest and availability

Step 2
If interested in any of the Events, send an email to O2I to check with them about the particular Event

Step 3
Additionally each Volunteer needs to complete the O2I Volunteer Application and Questionnaire

Step 4
O2I will review the Application submitted and will get back to you if selected for the role

O2I Events and its Impact

Note: If you can't find any specific events below, reach out to O2i via email at contact@outside2inside.com to know more about future events.
Upcoming Events

O2I Event Sign Up

Sign up for the upcoming O2I event here.

Volunteer Application and Questionnaire

Volunteer Application

O2I Volunteer Application Form to be filled out by event volunteers joining Outside2Inside!

Volunteer Questionnaire

O2I Volunteer Questionnaire Form to be filled out by event volunteers joining Outside2Inside!

Steps to do after being accepted as an O2I Event Volunteer

Event Volunteers Forms/Signups

General Vol. Agreement

O2I General Volunteer Agreement Form to be filled out by event volunteers joining Outside2Inside!

O2I Event Sign Up

Sign up for the upcoming O2I event here.


O2I Status Report, Time Tracking & Templates

On the day you are volunteering please remember to log your volunteer hours in the time tracking tools provided below. The volunteer time logged in by all O2I Volunteers is an important metric sought-out by the potential grantors while making grant decisions. Also, this is an important metric to get grant from Corporates as a part of their CSR programs.

Welcome to O2I

A very warm welcome to the event volunteers joining Outside2Inside!

Status/Time Tracking

Volunteers are requested to use this excel based tool to provide status report & track their volunteering time with Outside2Inside!


Event Volunteers should use these MS Word, Excel and Power-point templates which has O2I logo for any project documentation.

O2I Event/Outreach Guidelines & Checklists

Event & Outreach Guidelines

Outreach guidelines serves to inform, educate and support event volunteers explaining the the expectations while outreaching for O2I events!

Pre Event Volunteer Checklist

Volunteer need to complete the Pre event checklists before going for the event.

Post Event Volunteer Checklist

Volunteer need to complete this Post event checklist after completing the event.

O2I Social Media Accounts, Links and Blog Page


O2I Facebook Account Page https://www.facebook.com/Outside2Inside


O2I Instagram Account Page https://www.instagram.com/outside2inside/


O2I Twitter Account Page https://twitter.com/Out2In_123

O2I Social Media Page

Link to O2I Social Media Page in Website

O2I Blogs Page

Link to O2I Blogs Page in Website

O2I Blogs, Social Media Posts and Other Documents Submission Forms

In case, event volunteers are planning to share their O2I event experience as a blog (or) social media post (or) as a document/presentation, then they can use the following blog/social media posting guidelines.


Kindly read the blog writing guidelines and submit your blogs using this form.

Social Media

Kindly read the social-media posts writing guidelines & submit your posts using this form.

Doc Uploads

Use this link to Upload any documents you would like to sent to O2I Board for review.

Post O2I Events: O2I Event Volunteer Testimonial & Feedback


Time and again we collect feedback from our event volunteers about working with O2I to take volunteer experience to the next level.


We appreciate an honest short-term school Volunteer Testimonial about your experience working with Outside2Inside!

Event Volunteering Feedback

We collect feedback from our event volunteers about working with O2I to take volunteer experience to the next level.

Volunteer Credits Request Form

Volunteer Credits, Verification

If you are a student volunteer requiring volunteer credit (or) volunteer verification letter, please use this form.Note: Please remember to log the Volunteer time with O2I and send the logged timesheet along with this form.

Past Volunteers of the Month

Volunteer reviews

Harshitha Ashok
Harshitha AshokSocial Media Strategist
Read More
The onboarding process is very streamlined, everything was explained very well. Everyone Is very responsive and helpful.The onboarding process was so well structured. Everything a new volunteer could need was easily accessible, a very impressive process that even some big organizations fail to address.
Divya Srinivasan
Divya SrinivasanRecycle Program Manager
Read More
First of all, thank you for the overwhelming welcome to Outside2Inside and I should mention it is a wonderful workplace. The first week at work was great and I really enjoyed the on-boarding process.The O2I on-boarding process is very streamlined, neat and clear. Thank you for the warm welcome!
Freddy Knight
Freddy Knight
Read More
"What I love about Outside2Inside is the cause. I'm touched by the cause and hence I enjoy working here and doing my part to the community."​
Morin Nancy
Morin Nancy
Read More
I love volunteering at Outside2Inside and help reduce Food Waste in the community, corporations, schools and farms! Really Love the cause!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop