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Welcome to O2I

A very warm welcome to the new volunteer joining Outside2Inside!


New Volunteers should use these MS Word, Excel and Power-point templates which has O2I logo for any project documentation.

O2I Word Book Template

Template to be used for creating MS Word document book.


Onboarding Weekly Checklist for New Volunteers

A checklist to help the new volunteer get started with volunteering at Outside2Inside. A new volunteer should complete this for the first 4 weeks to ensure that their onboarding with O2I is smooth & all questions answered. Complete & send this checklist by Friday 5 pm from week 1 to week 4 to O2I Board <>.


New Volunteer to complete this checklist on Friday of their 1st Week at O2I.


New Volunteer to complete this checklist on Friday of their 2nd Week at O2I.


New Volunteer to complete this checklist on Friday of their 3rd Week at O2I.


New Volunteer to complete this checklist on Friday of their 4th Week at O2I.

Daily Tasks to be completed by Volunteers

On the day you are volunteering please remember to log in to the time tracking tool and don’t forget to log-out of the tool when done with volunteering work.

Useful notes:

  • Wait for the pop-up window after submitting the clock-in/out information.
  • If you forget to clock-out, the timer keeps incrementing beyond 24 hours. If this happens, please inform your manager about the incident and provide the correct volunteered time information, so that the manager can record it in the system.
  • The volunteer time logged in by all O2I Volunteers is an important metric sought-out by the potential grantors while making grant decisions. Also, this is an important metric to get grant from Corporates as a part of their CSR programs.

Weekly Tasks to be completed by Volunteers

On Friday of every week, each volunteer should submit a status report to O2I Board. You should have received the Status Report template in your welcome email, so look in the attachment of the welcome emails. Set yourself a reminder in the calendar if required. There may already exist an calendar invite pending in your account. Review the pending calendar invites and accept the required. One of the invites is to serve as a reminder to send the weekly status report. When accepted, the calendar will automatically send a reminder email for submitting your weekly status report.

Typical Mistakes done while Submitting the Weekly Status Report to O2I Board:

  1. Forgetting to send the status report by Friday 5 pm of each week.
  2. Not realizing that it’s a template and adding information in the template.
    • First, save the template under a different name. For example weekly_status_report_of_your_firstname.xls
    • Second, remove all examples listed in each tab. They are meant to guide you to fill the form and are not needed once you know how to fill the sheet.
  3. No start date, end date, or commit date for any of the projects or tasks.
  4. No priority for the projects or tasks.
    • Each volunteer needs to work with their manager and know the priorities for each project and task.
  5. The due date the volunteer commits to deliver the project or task is the commit date. But there could be scenarios where the volunteer might have to deliver the project or task before this commit date.
  6. The “start date” reflects when the volunteer started working on the project/task and the “end date” reflects the date of actual completion of the project/task. However, for planning purposes, the “start date” and “end date” may reflect the projected planned date to start and complete the project/task respectively.

Only for the 1st 4 weeks, a new volunteer needs to fill this checklist as a part of their Onboarding process. 

O2I Agreement Forms for New Volunteers

Acknowledgement Form

O2I Volunteer Acknowledgement Form to be filled out by new Volunteers joining Outside2Inside!

About You Form

Volunteer About You Form to be filled out by new Volunteers joining Outside2Inside!

Resignation Agreement

This form is an agreement on commitments to O2I while tendering voluntary resignation.

O2I New Volunteer Orientation Presentation and Handbook Document

Volunteer Orientation

The purpose of Volunteer orientation is to make new volunteers better understand what O2I does and help him or her see the purpose of what he or she is doing.

Volunteer Handbook

A Volunteer handbook serves to inform, educate and support new volunteers explaining the volunteering policies and expectations while volunteering at O2I!

O2I Tools Access Management

Leave Request Tool

Volunteers are requested to use this tool to request for future time-offs or vacations minimum 2 wk. before!

Time Tracking Tool

Volunteers are requested to use this tool track their volunteering time with Outside2Inside!

Office Lock Box

New Volunteers working in O2I Office are requested to send an email to the O2I Board requesting credentials for O2I Office Access.

Help Documentation for O2I Email, Cloud Drive, O2I Office Access, Leave Mgmt. Tool, Time Tracking Tool

If you have any questions using any of the O2I Tools, then please use the documentation below for help. 

O2I Gmail Email Access Doc.

Steps to access O2I Email.

Google Drive Storage Documentation

O2I's Google Drive Policy and Access.


O2I Office Access Documentation

Steps to access O2I Office Lock Box.


Leave Mgmt. Tool Documentation

Steps to access leave management system.


Time Tracking Tool Documentation

Steps to using time tracking tool.

O2I Volunteer Timesheet, Testimonial & Feedback

Time Sheet

Please fill the Volunteer Time Sheet to indicate the time you would volunteer every day at Outside2Inside.


We appreciate an honest Volunteer Testimonial about your experience working with Outside2Inside!


Time and again we collect feedback from our volunteers about working with O2I to take volunteer experience to the next level.

O2I Blogs, Social Media Post and Grant Submission Forms


Kindly read the blog writing guidelines and submit your blogs using this form.

Social Media

Kindly read the social-media posts writing guidelines & submit your posts using this form.


Kindly read the grant writing guidelines and submit your grants using this form.

Doc Uploads

Use this link to Upload any documents you would like to sent to O2I Board for review.

O2I Project Tools

Project Life Cycle

Please find the Project Life cycle Presentation with guidelines to work on an O2I Project.

Project Initiation

Please find the Project Initiation Presentation which needs to be filled out at the beginning of any O2I Project.

Requirements Mgmt.

Please find the Project Requirement Presentation Template that needs to be filled out for each project.

Project Form

Please find the Project Form that needs to be filled out during the various stages of an O2I Project.

Project Closure

Please find the Project Closure Presentation Template that needs to be filled out at the end of each project.


Please find the Project Post-Mortem Presentation which needs to be filled out at the end of the O2I Project.

Volunteer Exit Management

Step 1: Complete the Volunteer Resignation form.

Step 2: Complete the Projects & Tasks Tracker form.

Step 3: Get agreement from your manager and O2I board.

Step 4: Complete the Volunteer Exit Checklist Week1 form.

Step 5: Complete the Volunteer Exit Checklist Week2 form.

Step 6: Complete the Volunteer Testimonial & Survey.

Be Graceful

Tips on how to resign gracefully!

Volunteer Resignation

Form for Volunteer to send formal resignation to O2I.

Projects & Tasks Progress Tracker

Form to help volunteer list all the current projects and tasks they are working on and commit to the projects & tasks that they will complete before leaving.

Volunteer Exit Checklist Week1

Volunteer to fill this checklist at the end of Week 1 after submitting the resignation form.

Volunteer Exit Checklist Week2

Volunteer to fill this checklist at the end of Week 2 after submitting the resignation form. Volunteer should return all O2I assets before leaving.


Testimonial collected from Volunteers at the time fo their exit.


Survey collected from Volunteers at the time of their Exit.

“Volunteering is like planting others garden and decorating with one's own soul to reap the flowers of happiness for one-self”

Past Volunteers of the Month

Volunteer reviews

"What I love about Outside2Inside is the cause. I'm touched by the cause and hence I enjoy working here and doing my part to the community."​

Freddy Knight

First of all, thank you for the overwhelming welcome to Outside2Inside and I should mention it is a wonderful workplace. The first week at work was great and I really enjoyed the on-boarding process.The O2I on-boarding process is very streamlined, neat and clear. Thank you for the warm welcome!

Divya Srinivasan
Recycle Program Manager

I love volunteering at Outside2Inside and help reduce Food Waste in the community, corporations, schools and farms! Really Love the cause!

morin nancy

The onboarding process is very streamlined, everything was explained very well. Everyone Is very responsive and helpful.The onboarding process was so well structured. Everything a new volunteer could need was easily accessible, a very impressive process that even some big organizations fail to address.

Harshitha Ashok
Social Media Strategist