Ali Almuhanna

Hello, I am Ali, an international student from Saudi Arabia studying chemical engineering. I come from an agricultural city in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia called Hofuf. I am interested in food and water systems and would love to apply what I learn in engineering to improve food systems. Besides food systems, I am passionate about energy, specifically large-scale energy systems from renewables to fossil fuels and how we can balance our energy portfolio and minimize environmental. I have done research in chemistry to optimize a device that uses materials called Metal-Organic frameworks to harvest water from the humidity of the air solely using solar power.
I love to meet people from different backgrounds and have conversations with them to gain new insights and expand my horizon. A lot of my time is spent on Wikipedia and other websites reading articles ranging from technology to history to politics. I try to follow world politics because without knowing what is happening around me I cannot know where I stand. I look forward working with O2I and be part of an organization that makes a positive impact on people’s lives!