Keana Werlen

Keana is a first-year student at UC Berkeley studying Nutritional Sciences. She is passionate about volunteering and has experience as a hospital volunteer at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, a cook at the Ronald McDonald House for families with hospitalized children, and an event coordinator at numerous community fairs. In high school, she founded and led the Children’s Hospital Care club with a goal to support pediatric patients at local hospitals by making them DIY crafts created by students. She was also an intern at the Sourland Conservancy, where she took part in environmental conservation efforts and spearheaded a foraging forest cookbook project that featured recipes using edible native plants grown in the foraging forest restoration project at a community park. Her work experience includes a barista at a boba cafe and a student service assistant at the UC Berkeley Department of Psychology. Currently, she is a member of FEED at UC Berkeley, a food justice consulting club, as well as many other food-related organizations. She is excited to join yet another food organization as an O2I volunteer and is looking forward to promoting sustainability and developing a suburban community garden.