Reduce Food Waste Through Meditation

All over the world, there are serious debates about world hunger and how humanity has failed itself. While one side of the world is ravaging in extreme hunger, the other side is wasting food at an alarming rate. Over 40% of the food produced in the world goes to waste or is lost. People have come up with ways to help reduce food waste, but what about meditation? What can meditation teach us about the way we waste food and how can we tap into the realm of concentration and use it to save the world from hunger?


One of the main benefits of meditation is to increase concentration. People who meditate regularly develop a sense of direction and remembers things often. When they set their mind to something, they tend to achieve it without losing their attention. Better concentration means you will pay more attention to how food is bought and consumed in the household. It will also help you monitor food that is about to expire so you can quickly find ways to send it away to people who will consume it.

Meditation Increases Positive Feelings

Putting yourself in constant state of meditation can help increase your positive feeling. The meditation known as Metta is a type of meditation that is known as loving-kindness. Through regular practice, you’ll be able to extend this kindness to forgiveness and care for other people. Those who care about other people would be less greedy and find ways to provide for other people. Meditation of kindness and love can help you attain a high level of personal responsibility that will push you to give away food before they get damaged, thereby reducing food wastage.


Regular meditation also improves your self-awareness. You’re more comfortable in your body and have positive vibes about life. You also live a responsible lifestyle that helps you achieve your goals and stay focus on your plans. Self-awareness also enables you to reduce food wastage by encouraging you to embrace anything that will help you manage your resources including buying only the food you need. This way you will reduce wastage and feel less need to eat more. You’ll also not gain unnecessary weight.

Fight Addiction

Most of the people who have issues with food addiction and cravings also waste food a lot. They have no specific food measurement they need to stick to, or any meal plans, and would always want to eat more than they should. Meditation helps to control cravings, increase self-awareness and helps you quickly identify triggers for any form of addictive behavior. Once you can fight addiction, your body will learn how to redirect your mind to something else other than food, so you can successfully reduce your desire to consume and waste food.

Practicing meditation is known to help improve your wellbeing, emotional state and physical state. It can improve your self-awareness, reduce stress and concentration, fight addiction, and get rid of unnecessary food wastage. You will become more responsible for your actions and the world will be a better place to live.


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